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    PLEASE NOTE: Our new service website’s URL is similar to our main website, so please ignore all browsers warnings. (close or ignore warnings and be assured it is safe to proceed to our new service website)

    Our New Service >

    Our New Service website is specifically designed as a convenient and beneficial way to assist Health Care Professionals working in Long Term Care facilities assess and then communicate their Residents’ adapted clothing needs to their Caregivers.

    We feature just the basic clothing categories to make it simple for Caregivers to understand the functions of the clothing. We also provide options for your Residents’ Caregivers to purchase.

    Our Adapted Clothing Service program includes a few basic forms:

    • Needs Assessments
    • Request for New Adapted Open-Back Clothing
    • We work with your Life Enrichment Departments to help them communicate with Nursing and your Residents’ Power of Attorney.

    The Request for new Adapted Open-Back clothing is then customized on your behalf.

    If you are searching for new ways to streamline and communicate your Residents’ adapted clothing needs to their Caregivers, I am happy to provide free consultations. 


    Our New Service >