Incontinence Pants | Open-back Pants
For Elderly & Disabled Adults


Incontinence pants (open-back pants) are designed for elderly or disabled adults who are suffering from incontinence and need help with going to the washroom and are wheelchair bound. Bottomless pants with elasticized, wide waistband. Accessible and non-restrictive. Velcro closure at the back for ease in dressing and changing while seated. 100% polyester that is washable, durable and requires no iron.

Available in black, navy, brown, and gray colors. Size 2XL-7XL available.
(inquire for prices for 2XL plus sizes)

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Incontinence Pants for elderly or disabled adults who do not have control of their bowels or bladder.

Incontinence open back bottomless pants are available for the medical condition of incontinence. The medical definition for incontinence is not having control of your bladder or bowels.

The specialty incontinence pants, sometimes referred to as open-back pants, were designed by Canadian experts for this particular purpose.

Incontinence pants are bottomless and open at the back  for elderly or disabled adults who need help dressing and changing in a seated position.

A Velcro fastener slips under the person being dressed with no need for lifting.  The special design of the incontinence pants aids in eliminating the risk of injury while dressing to health care aids/personal support workers.  The ease of dressing and changing helps to reduce a person’s pain when being helped getting dressed and using the toilet when nature calls.

100% Polyester which is resistant to industrial washing. Accessible, non binding and non-restrictive.

Wide elasticized waist band with a  permanent pleat at the front.

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For Elderly & Disabled Adults”

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