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    Caregiving Katie

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    How I learned Caregiving…

    My parents taught me lessons about the true value of caregiving by giving me opportunities to care for my family.

    I enjoyed playing with real dolls, three younger brothers, so I never played with fake dolls.

    My memories of sitting each one of them on the bathroom counter to wash their sweet faces, little hands, wet their hair

    with a comb to sit at the table for lunch is where my caring lessons began.

    My Aunt Mabel commented how adorable they looked all sitting at the table waiting for their lunch one day when she visited.

    My Mother and Father both worked during the day so responsibilities to care for my family by making dinner, making beds, doing the laundry,

    and cleaning the house shaped who I am today.

    My daughter, Brenda, born when I was twenty-seven, brought lessons again by my parents because I moved back home when she was 2 years old.

    I remember my Father would come into our room to check on us and tucking in Brenda as she slept.

    Ken, the love of my life, became ill with cancer. Looking after him, again, gave me the opportunity to learn lessons about caring.

    When my Father died, he instructed me, in no uncertain terms, to look after my Mother. I cared for my Mother.

    Therefore, I have named myself Caring Katie. Because I have learned the lessons of caregiving.