Adapted Clothing explained.

    Adapted Clothing explained.

    The seasonal collections of shirts and blouses are now are made in Bali, Indonesia.

    The basics continue to be made in Matane, Quebec.

    Why adaptive clothing?  Some people need help dressing so adapted clothing is made for dressing with ease.

    Blouses, shirts and nightgowns open at the back for dressing when seated. Seat less pants are made for fast changes due to incontinence.

    Similarly snaps and Velcro fasteners ensure comfort.

    Likewise, soft elastic waist bands make dressing and toileting safer.

    Most importantly, adaptive clothing is comfortable to wear and wash.

    Collections are refreshed each season. Please note we do not have a retail store.  All of our products are viewed and ordered via our website.


    • Back – opening
    • Seatless
    • Snap / dome fasteners
    • Generous sizing
    • Soft elastic waist bands
    • Pockets
    • Polyester fabrics


    • Ease in dressing
    • Non-restrictive
    • Comfort
    • Accessibility
    • Ease in seating
    • Non-iron
    • Institutional washable