• About Adapted Clothing on the Net

    We are a Canadian supplier of  Adaptive Clothing, Socks and Slippers.

    Our company is a new branch of a family-owned business started in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1979.

    We offer adapted clothing (open-back) and specially-designed Alzheimer clothing.  The Sheep skin booties and socks provide warmth for cold feet.

    Adapted clothing appeals to Caregivers of frail or handicapped people.

    Hence, our clothing is designed to assist caregivers and the people they dress. Its aim is to ease caregivers’ strain when dressing people.

    Therefore, the clothing is intended to make people less anxious when being dressed.  Even more,  the clothing was designed for people who feel pain in their joint movements.

    There is no need to lift a person’s arms above their shoulders. It is easy to slip on.

    Consequently, less time is needed to remove garments in a hurry.

    As a result, adaptive (open-back) clothing increases a person’s dignity and comfort.

    Above all, we are proud  to serve our customers with dignity, respect and honesty.

    Our mission is to provide fashionable and comfortable adapted open-back clothing, socks and sheep skin slippers.

    Our lines of fashionable Adapted Clothing are readily available directly through our website, only.  We do not have a retail store.  We are an e-retailer.

    Our goal is to help residents and their families purchase adaptive clothing that fits easily, is comfortable and washable.


    Adapted Clothing on the Net About Us

    “Mom had a serious foot problem and could not wear shoes to this wedding, but she certainly deserved to look and feel good that day.”